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Using one shade you can do these 5 EyeShadow Looks

Ahmed Salam

Posted on June 20 2020

Using one shade you can do these 5 EyeShadow Looks



Complicated eye looks are fun and all, but sometimes you just want to slap on a single shade of eye shadow and be done with it. Ahead, here are a few simple eye makeup looks you can create with just one product—no fussy blending or advanced application techniques required.


#1 All-Over Duochrome

duochrome shadows are best for one-coloration looks due to the fact their reflective pigments appear to trade coloration in distinct lighting, developing the illusion that you’re sporting a couple of colours. application is straightforward, too—just pat all over your lid with your finger (fingertips normally paintings first-rate for duochromes) and blend out the rims.


#2 One-Shade Smoky Eye


a sultry, smoky eye doesn’t want a couple of colour. select a black or dark-colored cream eye shadow with a shimmer finish and smudge it along your upper and decrease lashline. percent on more colour as much as the crease of your lid and soften the edges. don’t fear approximately mixing perfectly—smoky eyes appearance outstanding once they’re smudgy and lived-in.


#3 Sheer Matte Wash


an all-over wash of sheer matte shadow—specially in a pastel colour—seems strikingly cool and current. use a fluffy eye shadow brush  to comb your matte coloration all over your lid. combination the rims out a chunk past the socket (or as close to the brow bone as you sense comfy).



#4 Shimmer Cat Eye


choose a cream or liquid shimmer shadow in a shade that contrasts with the intensity of your pores and skin. use a flat eye shadow brush to apply the shadow in a thick wing that extends up your lid and above your crease.


#5 Contoured Halo Eye


a one-shade halo eye? yes it exists, and you could even try this one with any brown eye shadow or contour powder you've got handy. select up a piece of product with the top of a small, fluffy brush  and practice the coloration inside the outer corner of your eye. melt the shade out after which drag it inward along the crease to carve out the shape of your eye socket. smudge the shadow along your lashline, leaving the center of your lid naked for a halo impact.

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