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5 Simple Tips That Can Make Your Skin Look its Best in any Weather.

Ahmed Salam

Posted on June 22 2020

5 Simple Tips That Can Make Your Skin Look its Best in any Weather.

summer is the time of the 12 months to put on your maximum open and breezy clothes. so you want your pores and skin to appearance its great however warmth, sun, and dry air may reason skin problems. and popular pores and skin care brands are not only useless but additionally luxurious now and again.

1. Baking soda scrub

noticeably, baking soda can be excellent not best inside the kitchen however in the front of the reflect as nicely. make a paste of three elements baking soda and one component water. rinse your face with water and your regular soap then lightly rub the paste onto your face.

rinse it with water once you’ve protected your entire face. this may additionally work as a face cleanser for sensitive skin.

2. Sweet and salty makes it beautiful

Combine salt, sugar, honey and coconut oil right into a thick paste. this scrub may be used for each the face and the frame. use it once or twice per week to exfoliate your skin. it'll prevent clogged pores and acne.
the oilier your skin is, the greater tough factors (salt and sugar) you can use.

3.Go exotic: Marula oil

Marula oil comes from the marula tree that's a tree that is local to south africa. its oil is complete of fatty acids. so it’s encouraged for soothing dry, dehydrated skin.

the oil absorbs speedy and could leave your skin wholesome-looking, not greasy or brilliant.

4. Vitamin A

dermatologists advise selecting night creams that include diet a,otherwise called retinol. but you could improve your cream with the vitamin yourself. upload a couple drops of rosehip or carrot oil in your night time cream. this will assist you avoid stretch marks, acne, and wrinkles.

Also, these 2 oils are helpful  towards scarring, specially whilst used on acne scars. but be careful with the oils in case you’re pregnant and don’t use merchandise with nutrition a all through the daytime. they could have an effect on the pores and skin’s natural solar protection.


5. Tea tree oil is not for tea

Many studies claim that tea tree oil is incredible at combating skin micro organism. it facilitates to alleviate inflammation, lessen acne, and calm infection. choose an anti-acne gel containing the oil to treat your pores and skin and soon you’ll see the redness disappear and your skin will appearance tons healthier.

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